PhoneCam is the one-touch video connection to co-workers or control room

Professional bodycameras have proven to deter violence and de-escalate situations. Now it’s available to all professionals who deal with aggression on a regular basis: healthcare workers, medics, firefighters and all security personnel.

The PhoneCam platform offers complete security control with remarkable simplicity.

Control Room


Maintain a comprehensive overview of field users, track their real-time locations on a map, and seamlessly manage emergency calls – all through the user-friendly convenience of a web application accessible from anywhere.

Effortlessly streamline user and device management within the control room. Assign dedicated teams, configure permissions, and more, simplifying administrative tasks.

Mobile App


Empower your users with location sharing, team-assigned priority contacts, and more. In the mobile app, your designated teams and users can locate each other on a map when PhoneCam is activated, respond to alarm calls, and collaborate effectively. Whether you’re a security expert team or looking to equip your staff with de-escalation tools, PhoneCam is the perfect solution.


PhoneCam is an ideal body camera for security-challenged organizations. Its discreet design and ease of use make it a practical solution for ensuring employee and customer safety. With its seamless integration into everyday devices, it offers a cost-effective way to enhance security measures and provide real-time monitoring capabilities.

Professional Safety


For all professionals that deal with aggression, the PhoneCam enables a quick hands-free alarm and creates video recordings that can be used as evidence. It de-escalates most situations and provides additional safety.


Increasingly, professionals in transportation deal with aggression. With PhoneCam, tools are made available to de-escalate.

Neighborhood/City Watch

PhoneCam is the ideal tool when available funds are low and crime is on the rise.

First responders

Violence against first responders is on the rise. With PhoneCam, an affordable tool is made available to monitor and protect ambulance & firefighter staff.

Remote Engineering

Qualified staff is hard to get by and expertise is quickly shattered across departments. With PhoneCam, engineers can have a look with their co-workers and spot problems quickly.

Medical staff


Staff members in hospitals increasingly deal with agression. With PhoneCam, you can equip staff to collect evidence.

Elderly support



PhoneCam enables elderly to stay independent longer by giving  support with tasks and providing extra safety from a distance.

Retail staff



Agression against retail workers has doubled pre-pandemic, but resources to protect them are very scarce. With PhoneCam, they too can reap the benefits of personal video protection.




Professionals can rely on PhoneCam as an exceptional dashcam with its compact design, high-resolution recording, and affordability, ensuring reliable documentation during commutes and work-related journeys.

Security staff


With its software features its discrete design and high-quality video capture, PhoneCam enhances security operations effectively – and with its affordable price it is accessible to freelance staff as well as corporate security.

Social workers

PhoneCam, a personal safety video body camera, offers social workers a vital tool for documenting interactions and enhancing their safety when dealing with aggression in their crucial work.

Much better…


Phonecam was designed with ease for the end user in mind. This means not only stripping away all that isn’t needed, but building a system from the ground up, around our users’ needs.

All this makes that PhoneCam is better suited for many branches of security professionals, first responders, retail and many more.

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